The Legacy Productions “One Brick at a Time” Will Smith Campaign

Posted on November 27, 2009


The Legacy Productions' One Brick at a Time Will Smith Campaign

ONE BRICK AT A TIME CAMPAIGN.”  The Legacy Productions announced it initiated on December 1, 2009 a new Viral Marketing Campaign designed to demonstrate the effect of using “engaging video” in order to cause a significant inbound marketing effect. It’s part of the roll-out of the “LoveMark” campaign for the Legacy Productions.  Those LoveMarks are:  Authentic, Uncompromised, Earned, and Aspirational …

The inspirational Will Smith video medley found below was compiled and initially distributed on YouTube.  At the time of the ONE BRICK AT A TIME CAMPAIGN, launching the video had 154,000+ views at one YouTube site and 651 ratings.  The Legacy Productions feels this video interview is extraordinary and inspiring, particularly in these challenging economic times.  The Legacy Productions has announced the goal of increasing the number of views to over 1,000,000 views by March 1, 2010. During the ONE BRICK AT A TIME CAMPAIGN, The Legacy Productions will use its viral and inbound marketing skill sets together with techniques developed by HubSpot throughout the Internet social media and blogosphere worlds in order to accomplish this objective.  We will be working very hard at accomplishing this goal.  For more details on how to PARTICIPATE PLEASE CLICK this link:   ONE BRICK AT A TIME CAMPAIGN.

The Legacy Productions' Survey of Alchemist and Will Smith's Interview

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