The Back Story 1.1 on Our “One Brick at a Time Campaign” with Will Smith Video

Posted on November 29, 2009


Why Did The Legacy Productions Create its “One Brick at a Time Campaign”? Our story begins with Laura Van Vleet [], an incredibly gifted, intuitive writer with The Legacy Productions.  She sent out an email to all of us entitled “Motivational Monday”.  It had two video links in it and one of them was the Will Smith Video we are now using for the “One Brick at a Time” Campaign.

The Legacy Productions, like many businesses wanted to stand out from the “clutter” by doing something different – something better than other media companies.  We like “coloring outside the lines”.  TLP was heavily influenced by “The Persuaders” 2004 PBS Frontline series.  We closely studied this series and were particularly convinced Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide CEO’s Kevin Roberts’ new millennium goal of only moving on advertising campaigns that create “consumer loyalty beyond reason” just made good sense.

the legacy productions broccoli and loyalty pitch for one brick at a time

Why Will Smith? The answer is transparent.  Will is an extraordinary individual.  He’s done exceptionally well in his craft.  But there is more.  He has a philosophy of “never give up” – never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something.  This is a main theme in the video we incorporated featuring “The Pursuit of Happiness” scene between Will and his real son.  In our challenging times, we all need hope and when we find it we need to distribute it.  We believe there is an Audience, a Community out there that will congregate around this video, talk about it, share it, be empowered by it.  The “One Brick at a Time” Campaign’s primary purpose is to do just that.  It’s about letting the world know “we all are not going to give up”.

the legacy productions determination pitch in one brick at a time

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Why “One Brick at a Time?” for The Legacy Productions? The answer is also simple.  We heard the voices of our existing clients and those of new Clients say.  PROVE IT.  Show us that outbound marketing is over and the new game in town is this social media – inbound marketing thing.  Do it with an existing video that is already in CYBERSPACE.  So a second purpose of the Campaign is to do just that for our clients:  DEMONSTRATE THE EFFECT OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND INBOUND MARKETING INCORPORATING EXISTING VIDEO.   It’s cutting edge for every business.

Kevin Roberts also said in “The Persuaders” that every business needs to know this – whether small or massive Fortune 100’s.

“It used to be called television, and the 30 second television ad is the greatest selling technique ever created.  But technology and consumers have moved, and now we are part of the Screen Age. The combination of movement, color, music and words creates an emotional field that is highly engaging for people, whether it is to present a point of view in documentaries on public television such as “The Persuaders” or to sell laundry detergent.  Music and humor are especially important. Music creates mood; it is a shortcut to the heart.  Humor is highly empathetic.” Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide.

Kevin calls these  techniques “ Lovemarks.”  Lovemarks actually involve Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy.  Those are three words you won’t find at Harvard Business School.   Kevin tells us “Mystery is about great stories, being inspired, blending past, present and future, icons and symbols.  Sensuality is about how you evoke all the senses in your product or communication.  And Intimacy invokes passion, commitment and empathy. This is how you create emotional communications.”

Does Your Business Have a Lovemark?

The Legacy Productions is a Hub for creating Campaigns integrating engaging video with inbound marketing.  The Legacy Productions is your Lovemark Media Company.  We know only creative people can follow Kevin’s advice and present this to an Audience for any business.  The Legacy Productions has taken Kevin’s instruction to heart and strategizes small to large company social media and inbound marketing campaigns using video, text, graphics, and other visual art forms.

MORE BACKGROUND on “One Brick at a Time”: In the 2004 “The Persuaders,” Frontline series turned conventional advertising on it’s head.  We call it the “Gretzky Effect.”  You have to skate to the puck where people that are like you congregate.  The reality is:  The Legacy Productions is a full service production company – but really we are a media company with the ability to effectively use content we create, suggest or that already exists in a Client’s portfolio and re-purpose it in new ways.

The Legacy Productions’ inbound marketing strategies are to develop “loyalty beyond reason” Campaigns where the Client’s content is used online to entertain, infotain, edutain in order to build an audience.  The rage on the street is “social media” and “inbound marketing.”  Our challenge is to cut through mass-media clutter and to overcome consumers’ growing resistance to their pitches.  Marketers have developed new ways of integrating their messages deeper into the fabric of our lives. Through sophisticated market research methods to better understand consumers and by turning to the little-understood techniques of public relations to make sure their messages come from sources we trust, marketers are crafting messages that resonate with an increasingly cynical public.

inbound marketing graphic for Legacy Producitons one brick at a time campaign

Courtesy of Amber Lambke

Why Did The Legacy Productions Use Will Smith’s Video? There is no doubt Will smith is iconic.  But after watching the video, how many viewers actually knew his beliefs and his philosophy.  We believe there is an empowering story which relates between Will Smith’s meteoric success in the entertainment world and the principles Will Smith lives his life by revealed in the video.  In a competitive, product-saturated marketplace, a new product needs to have something beyond the brand — an added value, an idea, a “story” behind the brand.

The Legacy Productions story is founded on Will Smith’s  “One Brick at a Time” philosophy – actually “one inch at a time.”  Want to hear more about the”one inch at a time” beginnings of The Legacy Productions?

TO BE CONTINUED…  Stay Tuned Tomorrow for Back Story 1.2

SUMMARY: Let us tell you what “one inch at a time means” to The Legacy Productions inspired from a famous Al Pacino speech.  How many knew Will Smith’s favorite book is The Alchemist?  What is this new “hush-hush” field of Neuromarketing?  How can it affect your business?  Some applications of “One Brick at a Time – Expanding” Social Media 2.0 is for every business:  “Restore Your Health – One Brick at a Time.  Watch this Will Smith Video.  There’s Something in it for You.”