The Love Kitchen – TransMedia 4 Screen Syndication Strategy

Posted on April 18, 2011


TLP is assisting TheLoveKitchen with TransMedia, 4 Screen Packaging of the reality show which is now in development.  Synopsis from Show Website.  “The Love KitchenTM is a new seductive dating and upscale cooking show combing sex appeal and food.  TLK unmasks the true personalities of the contestants by turning up the temperature on their first date.  Forget the bedroom. Ever wonder what your date is like…in the kitchen?  Our show uniquely pairs couples together in the kitchen, to see if they can stand the heat – and one another.  “True personalities come out the first date,” says Hang Holyda, the Executive Producer.   She should know.  With a Masters in Psychology, she’’s been studying this a long time – and now she’’s created a show that puts it all into practice.   You can learn a lot about a person during stressful situations.  The kitchen is the perfect place to learn the truth about your potential love interest.  “When stressed, it’s really difficult to contain one’s personality.  Cooking can be stressful, or it can be sensual. The best experience involves a little of both. “  TLK is a cross between ‘The Iron Chef’ and ‘The Dating Game.”  Cross-platformed Webisodes and Episodes offer delicious recipes to help viewers brush up on their culinary skills in a fun and competitive social setting.  Each show involves two contestants competing to win over the main date with their culinary skills and charm by cooking one at a time in front of the date.  In the end, the date chooses the winner as their future dating partner.”

And sometimes the kitchen experience is a total failure where the winning male or female would rather just go home.

Its light and full of surprises mixing secret ingredients, exotic dishes, challenging recipes and impossible situations to determine who makes the grade.”

The proposed Show Hosts are Maikka Weston and Scott Rose.  The show is owned by Success Productions:

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