TransMedia + Social Media + An Entertainment Property = Audience Engagement

Posted on April 27, 2011


In the new film Source Code, there’s an interactive digital StoryWorld developed in the film’s marketing campaign.  It’s a successful technique which TV serials, webisodes, mobisodes and bonus content promotions could easily integrate.

It”s a first for Summit Entertainment.  That’s the studio producing the thriller, Source Code (Jake Gyllenhaal) which has  a social media game called Source Code Mission that can be activated by Microsoft Tag technology within the movie poster.  That bit of code, which any smartphone can read, will lead to a game that takes 10 to 20 minutes and is based on the movie’s plot.  It features Gyllenhaal returning to the scene of a bombing of a Chicago commuter train and trying to change the outcome.

The use of social media games to spur interest in entertainment properties is growing rapidly.  In January, Starz launched the series Spartacus:  Gods of the Arena with a Facebook game and an iPad app.  In that same month, the CW also publicized the new season of Gossip Girl with a Facebook game. More recently, Paramount Pictures promoted the animated Johnny Depp movie Rango with a tie-in with Zynga’s FrontierVille game.

TransMedia companies worldwide are jumping into this highly creative and profitable arena integrating TV series, webisodes, mobisodes with social media and digital interactivity.  It is a Wild West environment when brands request it. And they are …

Brand integrations into these TransMedia projects with 360 degree multiplatform distribution and syndication are the new media and the medium.