New Marketing Option Can Combine iTV and Mobile – TLP Incorporates “IntoNow” in TransMedia Packaging Services

Posted on April 28, 2011



Large advertisers have indicated a strong desire for strategies to capitalize on both interactive TV and mobile platforms.  An opportunity to combine the two is now available and it is being incorporated by savvy TransMedia companies.

Pepsi thinks so.  So do a number of other NATIONAL BRANDS.

One driver (observable by all)  is the consistent trend of young consumers – and older ones, too – who are unable to put down a handheld device while watching TV.  It’s digital multi-tasking and it’s prevalent worldwide.

Consider this … Within this interactive TV arena (computer screens, mobile screens, Connected TVs), a  “request for information” or RFI ad enters the marketplace as a TransMedia campaign option to producers and sponsors and advertisers.   How does it work?

In the Broadcast world … It is simple.  Watch an ad, use the remote control to click on an embedded banner, and have a coupon or product sample sent to the home.

In the Connected TV and Mobile Device World …  Enter technology from IntoNow, which since January has focused mostly on facilitating social-media interaction, while watching a program.  So, using Apple devices – iPhone, iTouch, iPad – a viewer can use an app.  By pointing iPhone, iTouch, iPad at the TV screen, details about what’s being watched are zipped onto a Facebook page or Twitter feed.

It’s granular and highly interactive with a social media tie-in.  So one can alert humankind that he or she is not just watching “Dexter,” but they are watching “Dexter” season two, episode six.  This IntoNow system can identify episodes from five years’ worth of programming on 130 networks.

Clearly, the functionality leaves ample opportunities for broadcasters, TransMedia companies, sponsors and advertisers, which works virtually the same as the RFI options with iTV.  There is a major difference, however, with no pricey snail mail required.

Pepsi is the initial advertiser to take advantage of the IntoNow system.  Think of these ramifications.  In its campaign, a person can point at a Major League Baseball-themed spot and have a digital coupon — in the form of a bar code — beamed to their Apple device. The viewer can then show the code at a store, where a scan brings a free bottle of Pepsi Max.  Pepsi is offering the opportunity to 50,000 people, with redemption opportunities at Target and CVS at first.  It is partly being promoted with cards handed out at baseball games.

The IntoNow opportunity offers advertisers valuable performance metrics.  If only 25,000 go for the free Pepsi, there’s critical insight to be gleaned, stretching from how well a gambit was promoted to whether consumers prefer to watch TV via DVRs.  Or will even seek out a commercial on YouTube.

Besides a bar-code coupon, the system opens up the chance for a marketer to send users more information about a product, or a link to a video about a spiffy car – both aspects of the RFI, iTV movement.   Eureka! … than a company that allows songs to be identified with a mobile device, offers a similar advertising opportunity that could function as an iTV-replacement option and run a campaign with Old Navy.

IntoNow can recognize a show even if it’s airing live for the first time. We also have an index that covers more than 140 million minutes of previously aired shows. That’s the equivalent of 266 years of video! Our catalog represents more than 2.6 million airings, indexed during the past five years, and it’s growing by the second.

It’s Robust and Scalable (From the IntoNow Website)

SoundPrint is what’s known as a “fingerprinting” technology. We’ve developed a series of algorithms that can quickly identify a show based on the audio from that program. And because we can do it so quickly—even for shows that are airing for the first time ever—the end result is something like magic.

TLP is integrating the IntoNow mobile platform into its TransMedia Packaging services menu.

The Right Message … At the Right Time … To the Right Audience.