TLP Adds FusionTalk Video Emails to Interactive Slate of TransMedia Tools

Posted on April 29, 2011


For years TransMedia companies have searched for a suitable and attractive interface for the delivery of video email messages.  A GetResponse “2010 Email Marketing Trends” survey was conducted online from January 27 to February 5, 2010.   When a group of small to medium size business marketing companies were  asked if they used video email in 2009 and plan to use it in 2010, only a combined 15.7% of respondents said they used it last year.  However, more than 80% of respondents plan to use video email this year, with 11.9% saying they used it last year and will increase usage this year.

Video Emails Seen as Conversion Tool
Almost 66% of respondents said video email can result in significant or moderate increases in conversion rates.  Click Through Rates  (CTR’s) in response to a call to action is the coveted goal of email campaigns.  In TransMedia Campaigns, Brands want to be assured a video email spend will also return interactive results with metrics and usable data points.  TLP has chosen FusionTalk as its preferred Video Email interface, where we use and manage  it to design a customized video email campaign as part of a suite of TransMedia tools designed to get Click Through Rates and response to a Brand’s call to action.