2011 TV Viewing Trends by Neilsen – TransMedia Implications are Immense

Posted on May 1, 2011


Timeshifted TV.  Timeshifting continues to be a significant factor in how consumers watch TV.  From a TransMedia perspective, the days of linear broadcast TV have come to an abrupt end.  Non-linear TV is in … and the opportunities presented in TransMedia StoryWorlds with multi-platform distributions  are immense.  Content may be king … but TransMedia Content Rules the Universe.

Consumers continue to tell the industry THEY WANT TO WATCH CONTENT WHEN THEY WANT TO WATCH CONTENT.   In Q4 2010, the heaviest timeshifters were adults 35-49, watching 3 hours 8 minutes of timeshifted TV a week. Teens ranging from age 12-17 watch the least amount of timeshifted TV per week, just 1 hour 31 minutes and the adults age 18-24 are close behind, watching 1 hour 32 minutes of timeshifted TV per week.

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