The State of TransMedia According to JWT – In 2011 Brands Buy In …

Posted on May 12, 2011


JWT recently released a significant report for 2011 entitled:  “TransMedia Rising.”  In it the giant advertising firms quotes:  “What we need to do is figure out the story behind the brand, the place it wants to occupy in the consumer’s mind, deconstruct it, make it relevant and reassemble it for the relevant audiences, on the appropriate channels. Then, through social media, let the experience and associations grow organically.”  —DEAN BAKER, managing director, JWT Entertainment.

Enter the Age of the QR Code.  It is a technology that is a dream for brand integrations if their content can incorporate it to engage their audience/viewer/customer … because now they are one and the same.

This QR Code can be read by online readers and by cell phones with any number of free apps that can be downloaded from the Internet.  This particular QR Code will take you to The Legacy Productions’ main website.  To see how easy this is online, right click the QR Code … and click view image.  Then copy the URL.  Then  go here and insert it in the first line and click SUBMIT QUERY.   With cell phones it is much easier.  You simply snap a picture of the QR Code and then hit submit.  Done.

As this video clearly demonstrates, brands are using QR codes in many unique ways to engage their audience/viewer/customer.

18% Click Through Rates?  Consider the possibilities QR Codes present to TransMedia Campaigns using it.

Augmented Reality Applications with QR Codes