QR Codes and SMS Text Case Studies

Posted on May 19, 2011


Click here for an 8 page Market Research list of  recent case studies on the effectiveness of SMS Text and QR Code campaigns.  Click box above for the Free White Paper on QR Codes.

In the above campaign lifestyle alcohol brand VeeV connects to its customers with the nearest store offering their product using the simple effectiveness of SMS text messaging.  The way it worked, texting VEEV to 75309 prompted the user for their zip code, after which the nearest store and address was returned in real time.  This is a great example of how integration — in this case with a database of distribution points and location data submitted from consumers — is made easier with SMS integrated technology.  It drives real value in mobile marketing programs as part of a TransMedia strategy.  Many possibilities exist for variations, such as embedding a web link in these messages to redeem a scannable mobile coupon or pointing customers to drink recipes.

QR Codes:

  • Quickly transport users from print materials to online sites
  • Help users save information on their mobile devices for later use
  • Can be used on a wide variety of mediums – from billboards to postcards to magazines
  • Allow consumers to quickly take action or and learn more
  • Eliminate the need for users to remember or type a URL or promo code
  • Create intrigue and a viral buzz for brand campaigns by providing a simple and quick method for your audience to transfer your message to others

Recent QR Code case study…

NWA Japan’s announced a goal to position itself as a technology leader and collect the email contact data for its target market.  QR codes were chosen by management as the marketing tool.   They were delivered across a range of outdoor media in Tokyo such as on large buildings.  People who took a photo of the code on their mobile phone were taken directly to NWA’s website which was purpose-built for the QR Code campaign.  And for maximum visual impact, QR codes were affixed to giant billboards in high traffic locations.  These became new landmarks of the campaign.  Supporting the billboards were pillar wrappings, posters, coin lockers and light boxes used to grab attention at eye level.  As a result of the QR code campaign, NWA successfully enhanced its position as the technology innovator in its category and achieved a huge amount of PR and word of mouth through the use of outdoor media.

Result:  There were more than 16,000 hits to the portal, a 35% increase over targeted goals.

Second QR Code Case Study:  Verizon/ScanLife

The Verizon/ScanLife campaign to promote the wide variety of apps available using DROID devices has seen over 150,000 scans in just over 3 months. QR Codes were placed throughout an integrated campaign which included print ads, in-store displays, direct mail, websites, and even iPad ads. Interestingly, voluntary sampling of approximately 20,000 users shows the technology is used across a wide range of age groups and income levels. You can read the full case study here.  Full Report.

Third QR Code Case Study: Fiat/Evo

Leo Burnett Madrid have created a novel campaign around a smartphone app for Fiat’s supermini the Punto Evo (video below).  The Fiat Street Evo app reads any traffic sign like a QR Code and then displays one of Punto Evo´s features related to that sign.  Stop signs for example show the car’s breaking capabilities. There are secret prizes hidden behind a few of the traffic signs and should you want to test drive the car the app will also show the location of the nearest Fiat dealer.