TLP Creates PoliticalQRCodes(tm) as a TransMedia Agency Service and “End to End” Solution for Political Campaigns

Posted on May 29, 2011


QR Codes Are Taking US Politics by Storm – Outlook for 2011-2012

The number of mobile phones will exceed 5 Billion in 2010 according to the ITU; out numbering personal computers 5 to 1.

Facebook has over 500 Million users, over half the daily activity is via the mobile web.

Twitter recently exceeded 20 Billion text messages – The world is not going mobile–it is mobile.  Very soon every human being on the planet will be connected 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.  Every serious Political Candidate needs a mobile QR Code strategy.


It may be too late when you see your political competitors doing this before you do it.  Find out why QR Codes Are So Important to YOUR CAMPAIGN:

The new TLP Microsite for PoliticalQRCodes(tm) states:

“Our political campaign clients and users leverage our end to end QR Code and TransMedia strategies to simplify and improve their Campaigns; maximize Return on Investment and Return on Objectives in the Campaigns; accelerate voter engagement capabilities; and empower Candidates with new tools to dynamically increase their reach and message lift to voters.

With integrated QR Code TransMedia strategies, political candidates enhance their visibility and gain exposure through with our “cutting edge technologies”.   We help campaign managers promote their candidates as true leaders in technology.  Our QR Codes TransMedia strategies utilize this technology to enhance the voter and user experiences by promoting them and their messages.

Our leadership and development teams focus on designing simple, easy-to-use TransMedia integrations with applications that, above all, generate heightened voter interactivity and engagement with the Political Candidate.

Based in New England but virtual in our global reach, TLP’s professional team works with your organization to integrate our solutions seamlessly into your Political Campaign.  Whether a local, state or national campaign, TLP will strategize, create and manage your QR Code Campaign with dynamic,  market-leading, applications and metrics.  TLP has value added reseller and strategic affiliations with some the more progressive QR Code application providers and  technology firms.    We are committed to using and managing the most advanced  technology tools and TransMedia integrations to support and enhance your Political Candidate.”