TLP has now Launched LegalQRCodes(TM) – Currently Marketing to Firms in Illinois and Florida

Posted on June 17, 2011


The Legacy Productions has launched a new niche service to its TransMedia Campaigns.  Unique QRCodes  developed for Law firms can now connect them potential new clients.  Legal QRCodes(TM)  offers a comprehensive solution to law firms to leverage their existing social media, websites and print media advertising taking it into the 21st century where new clients with Smart Phones are waiting.  We now provide an end to end, outsourced,  solution to deploy instant, integrated, mobile applications to engage community members and new clients in the market demographics sought by the firms.  Our core business model is to engage and drive new clients to Law Firms leveraging their existing print advertising campaigns.  Our subscription fee includes the design, deployment and maintenance of all mobile applications and GoogleTV optimized sites so Law Firms may remain stay focused on your core tasks that are critical in a managing your firm.

Like PoliticalQRCodes(TM), The Legacy Productions has again extended its TransMedia Strategy for LegalQRCodes(TM) by integrating a Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web Daily Newspaper platform from Paper.Li.  The LegalQRCodes(TM) Daily Newspaper is published in morning editions and evening editions where the content is semantically gathered from Twitter posts and Twitter lists which TLP has generated at the Twitter Site for LegalQRCodes(TM) and the FaceBook Site for LegalQRCodes(TM).  Most if not all of the content is generated from Law Firms’ Daily featured content (i.e., Tweets, Posts, Articles, Videos) which LegalQRCodes(TM) is following on Twitter and FaceBook.

Our core proposition is this:

F:  350 Million Connected TVs In 2015   Q:  If your law firm does not have an integrated optimized platform such as the GoogleTV site we provide in our service package, your firm may have a web site in 2015, but it will not be seen on these projected 350 Million connectedTVs.  “The one certain consequence of a world with 350 million connected TVs is that every single company in all industries touching TV and video entertainment will be disrupted.  Either they find a way to thrive in this world, or they will not survive.“  June 16, 2011 Media Post SOURCE.

What is it worth to a Law Firm to have a unique Internet TV Channel with its own Branding that plays 24/7 to connected TVs in the Living Rooms of America?  Welcome to the world of connectedTV.

A:  It’s worth everything.