About the Legacy – Monetizing Every View

Overview of TLP TransMedia Brand Integration, Video Syndication, & Consulting Services (For Short PDF, Click Box Above.  For Detailed PDF Click Box Below)

OUR LOGLINE:  A Great Story means something worth telling that the world wants to hear.  Finding this, creating this, defining this … is a lonely task at times.  It begins with talent.  TLP recognizes we are born with the creative power to put things together in a way no one has ever dreamed.  It’s what we do.  Then we bring to the work a vision that’s driven by fresh insights into human nature and society.  We couple it with an in-depth knowledge of  characters, locations, plots and sub-plots within a new StoryWorld … which asks the audience to immerse themselves into the story … live the story, dream, the story …  and…  We integrate  digital technologies and interactivity within that StoryWorld and create results which all Brands desire.

The Legacy Productions is in a Collaborative Team relationship with CampaignTouch, TVNOW.me, VFXDirect, Let’s Go Hollywood, Inc., M2 Productions, Alphabird, Kontera and others. TLP with its Strategic Affiliates offers:

Projects In TransMedia Development or Packaging:
* PoliticalQRCodes(tm)
* ConnectedTV Politics(tm)
* Walker (TransMedia Cross-Platform)
* JobzTV.com (reality TV, digital signage)
* TheLoveKitchenTV (reality TV, digital signage)
* MissionCoffeeCan.com (reality TV, digital signage)
* Health Industry Media (Narrowcast TV, digital signage)

-Packaging of 4 Screen TransMedia deployment of TV Content with cross-promotions, IAB standard video ad units (pre-roll, post-roll, SMS text, interactive, metrics, geo-targeting) – “monetizing every view”
-Offering PaaS with TVU Networks and Media Signage systems to provide clients with latest in cross-platform delivery of content in TransMedia integrations;

-Packaging of TransMedia entertainment products (reality TV series, series, films, interstitials, brand integrated webisodes, mobisodes) with Sponsors, structure, strategic affiliation partners, brand integration and product placement strategies, on-line and narrow cast distribution, on-line distribution and monetization strategies, guaranteed syndication and audiences;
-HD Video production from creative through post for broadcast commercials, web-videos, trade show videos, profiles, real property profiles and presentations
-3D Animation and visualizations for Architectural Renderings, Architectural and Real Estate Fly-throughs, Product and Video Gaming;
-Motion tracking and green screen and white cyc – 3 wall studio facilities 60 minutes from Boston;
-Inbound Marketing and Viral Marketing Services;
-Integrated Social Media Campaign Creations;
-Creation – Film and TV Productions;
-Creator, Director, Preditor, Writer Reality TV;
-High-Concept Ad Creation.

We deliver on-line and off-line cutting edge, media-rich video content to the corporate, creative and broadcast markets worldwide. Our services cover all aspects of high definition video, content, TV, broadcast, animation, motion graphics, streaming and delivery.


The Legacy Productions’ mantra is:  Believe in your dreams … reach for the stars … go beyond the ordinary …

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