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INSPIRATION AND A REAL ANSWER TO THOSE WHO ARE ILL – see the 5 videos series at the bottom

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INTRO ON PLACEBO EFFECT:  There has been massive public interest in the Placebo Effect advances and observations in the past year.  The videos that appear at the bottom of this page should be viewed in sequence and in their entirety as they are part of a complete documentary series.  As an inbound marketing agency, The Legacy Productions is currently interested in working with national and international companies and documenting on tape health care providers, physicians, NDs, patients and families with any experiences with the increased placebo effect, whether pharmacological or surgical.  Our purpose is to determine ways to brand these services as “Lovemarks” for inbound marketing studies and follow-up TV productions.  See other blog articles at this site for a definition of what we mean by “Lovemarks.”    Contact us for more details.


INSPIRATION:  The Legacy Productions has developed this page as a HUB FOR INSPIRATION video, pictures, graphics, quotes and other content.  This will be updated daily and we hope you will return daily for inspiration and encouragement.  The following video was launched with The Legacy Productions “One Brick at a Time” Campaign.  In this video Will Smith explains some of the simple statements he has lived his life by in raw form.  Let us know how you feel about this video.

When we launched the “One Brick at a Time” Campaign I asked my daughter Blue to create a picture that represented Will Smith’s statement:

There is redemptive power in making a choice.

Make a decision.  You just decide what it’s going to be.

How you’re going to do it.  Just decide.

And from that point the Universe is going to get out of your way …


Drawing Courtesy of Blue

Imagine the World that You Want – That’s All it Takes:

And this inspirational piece was found at a site speaking to the athlete in each of us.

And for those of US who are amid health challenges … take heart … the effect of the Placebo Effect is increasing on a planetary basis.   Both for the use of sugar pills and FOR SURGERIES.    Watch it all.   How cool is that?


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Also for a brief backgrounder on the subject, please read this recent Wired Magazine article.  Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.

Whole Science Article

William A Tiller, PhD reports:  “A very recent meta-analysis of 19 antidepressant drug
trials revealed that the “placebo effect” on average accounted for 75% of the effect of
real drugs”.  Read Article

Confucius said:

He who says he can,

and he who says he can’t,

are both usually right.

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