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QR Code Usage up 4,549% in 1st QTR 2011 – TLP integrates QR Codes in TransMedia Strategies

May 18, 2011


Mobile bar code scanning has increased by 4,549 percent in the first quarter of 2011 on a year-over-year basis, according to a Mobio Identity Systems study. Report May 2011:  “The Naked Facts: Whiplash Edition QR Barcode Scanning in Q1-2011”  READ FULL REPORT HERE. With the increase in smartphone purchases for both iPhone and Android devices, which […]

The State of TransMedia According to JWT – In 2011 Brands Buy In …

May 12, 2011


JWT recently released a significant report for 2011 entitled:  “TransMedia Rising.”  In it the giant advertising firms quotes:  “What we need to do is figure out the story behind the brand, the place it wants to occupy in the consumer’s mind, deconstruct it, make it relevant and reassemble it for the relevant audiences, on the […]

The Threshold – A Successful CISCO TransMedia Multi-Layer ARG Project

May 8, 2011


2011 Update: CISCO, No Mimes and JUXT Team up again in an amazing TransMedia Project spanning 5 Continents and 2 weeks of Alternate Reality Game Immersion.  It’s called “The Hunt.” Here is a Webisode segment provided as a featurette to the participants to help solve a mystery and engage them in activities.  You will notice […]

What is TransMedia Syndication and Distribution? Fiction Without Limits …

April 24, 2011


TransMedia stories, at a most basic level, are stories told across multiple media platforms.  At the present time, the most significant stories tend to flow across multiple media platforms which give rise to new revenue models where broadcast and narrowcast models converge in a new integrated business plan.  Cross-platform integrations give rise to new Story […]