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TLP Adds Google+1 and GoogleTV Integrations to Subscriptions Services for PoliticalQRCodes(TM), LegalQRCodes(TM), MedicalQRCodes(TM and EventQRCodes(TM)

July 2, 2011


FROM EACH WEBSITE UPDATE: June 28, 2011 UPDATE:  We have included within the Subscription Service both a mobile Google +1 social media integration and a Google TV optimized site integration.  Here is why Google+1 is important to your Campaign in networking your Supporter and Volunteers in “Circles” “Sparks” “Huddles” and “Groups”.  Please watch the short […]

Anatomy of a Highly Successful TransMedia StoryWorld – “Conspiracy for Good”

May 5, 2011


What makes a successful cross-platform or transmedia project? Are there key ingredients? What’s the secret sauce? THE AUTHORS REPORT:  “With the Conspiracy For Good, our definition of a successful transmedia project is one that utilizes technology to deliver story content and engage an audience in original and novel ways.  We intentionally created a story that […]

TLP in Spec Development on Reality Webisode Series Integrating GigWalk

May 4, 2011


Gigwalk is a TransMedia dream.  It poses opportunities for numerous StoryWorlds and Brand Integrations.  That’s why TLP decided to develop a reality webisode series integrating this unique technology into a “stream of consciousness” StoryWorld inside a webisode reality series which integrates select National Brands.  Stay tuned for updates on the integrated webisode series, graphic novel, […]

TLP TransMedia Strategies for Broadcast News Outlets

May 2, 2011


THE NEWS ABOUT THE NEWS.  “Nearly half of respondents (48 percent) said their primary source of news and information is the Internet, an increase from 40 percent who said the same a year ago. Younger adults were most likely to name the Internet as their top source —55 percent of those age 18 to 29 […]

TransMedia Is the GameChanger or 2011 – Brands on Board

May 1, 2011


Easy to Assemble – Illeana Douglas’ webisode set in IKEA 6.1 million viewers & counting after 2 seasons – watch this & think about where branding is going – is this a model for the future of entertainment? Stories will never be told the same way again.  The world of TransMedia is rapidly expanding.   In […]

TLP TransMedia Overview for 2011- How Can Brands Benefit?

April 30, 2011


Click Above to Download PDF 1)  What is a Transmedia Narrative? 2)  What are some recent examples? 3)  What makes TransMedia Stories  interesting to an audience? 4)  What does it mean for your Brand and how is it Monetized? 5)  How Is A TransMedia Strategy Initiated?

TLP Adds TVTak to TransMedia Platform Integrations = Social TV

April 29, 2011


It’s Not TV … Now It’s Social TV … TransMedia Tools You Need Content + TransMedia Multi-Platforms + Engagement + Call to Action = Meaningful Metrics and ROI to Brands TLP Offers  TVTak for Select TransMedia Campaign Integrations TvTak offers new types of direct engagement between viewers and advertisers.  See something that interests you?  Advertisers […]