Viral Marketing and Social Media

Social Media is the Next Biggest Advance Since the Industrial Revolution

Viral mar­ket­ing cam­paigns represent online con­tent cre­ated with the intent to ‘go viral’.  This includes  media like videos, pod­casts, arti­cles or blog posting.

In the 90’s, email was the orig­i­nal viral mar­ket­ing strat­egy because the media encour­ages for­ward­ing mes­sages to more peo­ple. These days viral video cam­paigns are one of the most com­mon types and have dri­ven sites like YouTube from obscu­rity into bil­lion dol­lar businesses.

Social Media is not a Fad but a Reality with The Legacy Productions

How­ever the “most viral” types of cam­paigns encompass  an idea virus that is divorced from its orig­i­nal media and spreads by dis­cus­sion.

The first step for mar­keters inter­ested in cre­at­ing a viral pro­mo­tion is to define a viral mar­ket­ing strat­egy.  Who is your tar­get audi­ence, what are your busi­ness goals and what is the media you will employ to reach these peo­ple and goals?


It’s the greatest human advance since the Industrial Revolution.

Here is a Free Legacy Productions White Paper that provides your Company with some tools necessary to consider before taking your BRAND or message viral.  The whole purpose of viral marketing is  to increase Inbound Traffic to your site, your product and your services.

The Legacy Productions Free Inbound Marketing ReportContact us to get a copy of the PDF White Paper:  email

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